Marla Cruz Linares — Graphic Designer & Illustrator based in Havana, Cuba


Cultural and social posters

Posters made at different times that respond to Cultural Festivals, Audiovisual Short Films or have resulted in proposals for different competitions and group exhibitions.

ForOficina Leo Brouwer / AM-PM, América por su Música / Geo-Gráficas Date2012-2017

55th Anniversary of the Cinematheque of Cuba. Tribute to Chaplin / 2105 / MAR XL
Poster 55th Anniversary of the Cinematheque of Cuba. Tribute to Charles Chaplin. Generated for a contest, which was selected for the collective exhibition at the Cinema 23 and 12 to mark the 55th anniversary of the Cinematheque of Cuba.
Am-Pm, América por su música. Gira por Cuba / 2016 / MAR XL
Am-Pm, América por su música / 2016 / MAR XL
Cartel América por su música, AM-PM 2016. Generado para la segunda edición del evento AM-PM, América por su Música. Además del cartel se generaron diferentes aplicaciones complementarias para el desarrollo de la comunicación del evento como portadas de las redes sociales, flayers, postales, diplomas, invitaciones y el catálogo general.
Festival Les Voix Humaines / 2015 / MAR XL
II Geo-Gráficas / 2014 / MAR XL
Poster Geográficas 2015. Generated for the contest of selection of image of the Geo-Gráficas Project in its exhibition of 2015, being winner. As a concept it is proposed that Cuban designers have no limits, so the metaphor of flying saucer. No matter where we are, we will always defend our profession and our identity.
Besides the poster different complementary applications for the development of communication covers the event as social networks, flayers, postcards, diplomas and invitations were achieved.

XV Muestra de Jóvenes Realizadores / 2016 / MAR XL

No a la violencia contra la mujer / 2012 / MAR XL